Room of Wires have never met, a love of uneasy music is all that binds them together.

>> Known November appears on the latest compilation from Planet X Records – listen here

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>> View Untold Hairstories a beautifully twisted video from Fenia Kotsopoulou featuring music from Room of Wires

>>New Depths features on Genetic Trance compilation

>>Temple Run from the Black Medicine EP on Section27

>> Night Ryde “A dark journey through the ghetto”

>> Audio for the Seven Sins web series starring Bryan Vanzant

>> The Monoliths feature the Black Medicine EP, read the review

>> The back catalogue is now available on Spotify – Search: Room of Wires

>> Mastakink review “The title track busts through a darkened industrial-electro veil”

>> CV OUT 4 – from Bola, Cortini to Voltaire… “maaaassive elktromix. Thanks”

>> Mastakink with remixes from MTCH, Valance Drake, Wolf Asylum

>> Hear the Black Medicine in high fidelity, now on Tidal

>> the inside story of Room of Wires “Isolation and Collaboration

>> Black medicine EP – 5 tracks out on Section27

>> Special remix of Snowbound features on Sectioned 006 Compilation

>> Used [Darker] remix by M Ward

>> Electronic Transmissions – Room of Wires Refill show. “A 1-hour show full of dark glitchy electronica”

>> Bite marks – Sat alongside 400 great electronic artists doing their bit to crack cancer

>>Chern O video/audio collaboration by Cesar Naves and Room of Wires

>>Scarce video from the EP Used as a Runner on Section27

>> Used as a Runner – 5 track EP out on Section27

>> Ray of Light – Pentatonik (R. Simeon Bowring) Room of Wires remix – Taken From Touched Two (The Remixes)

>> Music for Versus – a short thriller directed by Paul Johnstone, starring Ray Vincent

>> Self released EP entitled Dead Skins includes bonus track on download

>> Weldroid rips into the Room of Wires, listen to Ultradiversion

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>>Isoforms remix on Iso:Reform on Section27

>> Sitting alongside B12 and Plaid – Walkern remix features in the best of Touched

>>CV OUT – An eclectic electronic session with live modular stuff, classic electronica and bleeps from the future

>> Special remix of Walkern features on Deep Electronics Compilation

>> Asylum Sneaker EP features in Igloo’s Best of 2014 list “some of the finest in an expansive array of music”

>> Asylum Sneaker video by Cesar Naves

>> Fluxx (Room of Wires remix) for Black Box N compilation on Kaer’Uiks

Room of Wires featured on mixtura.org

>> Guest mix by Oberman Knocks features Room of Wires. “If “eclectimentalism” and “wacky beats” are your thing, than you’re in for a real treat”

>> The beginning… the first release on Section27 – Asylum Sneaker EP [S27-133]

>>Peaking at number 17 in the Mixcloud Electronica chart: The UpDigital Room of Wires special

>> The first public airing of Room of Wires and a classic set too