Delve into their isolated approach

It's not easy to find out about Room of Wires, they are extremely cautious of their identities, not just to the world but also to each other. Formed in late 2013 after a spontaneous email exchange, the only thing that binds this duo together, is a love of uneasy music. They hale from the UK but that is as far as the detail goes, they don't talk about themselves they talk only of their love of electronic music. Influences are scattered and include Raime, OPN, Autechre, Ekoplekz, Test Dept, and SPK to name a few. They're sound is hard to pin down, but their songs just keep building, creeping up, and eventually intoxicating the listener. Twisted yet beautiful, they create fragile melodic moments that are weaved together with sub-atomic beats and almost inaudible field recordings to maintain their uneasy sound. They've already had a host of releases on Section27, have contributed to many compilations and have produced the music for three short films. The one thing they do both agree on is: "there is plenty more to come from Room of Wires".

Taken and modified from an essay originally published at patches.zone