New ideas, new ways of working

Working with others is a big part of our style, bringing out new ideas and new ways of working. We've worked together with many inspiring artists from videographers and filmmakers, right through to synth legends. Whether its remixing, film scores, performance art installations, or full-on collaborations, we're always on the look out.

Remixing the synth legend that is Thomas Leer. The man behind the seminal album "The Bridge" is putting together a new album "Emotional Hardware" and we were invited to remix the title track.

A collaboration of minds and wires, ground-up development of five new tracks with the mighty Weldroid. "The depth of vision with this union is utterly absorbing" - Igloo Mag.

Pentatonik (R. Simeon Bowring) created some huge '90s electronica classics. As part of the Touched Music remixes album we got to re-work the brilliant track "Ray of Light".

Egg London resident DJ, Kyle E, produced a tight remix of our track "All Eyes And Ears", and in return we got to rip into his track "Subsonic".

Our "twitchy glitchy" remix of "Fingers" for Eat the Sun features on their debut EP, also entitled "Fingers".

"Imagine robots and cyborgs creating machine music in dark seedy back rooms" - that's Frankie Machina, We created a brutal remix of his track "Autoburn" featured on the "Psychopomp" album.