Known November
appears on Dark 4 Compilation by Dan X
Planet X Records Sept 2018 – PXRec048VA

New depths
appears on Olympic Moment compilation from Genetic Trance
Genetic Trance Apr 2018 – GTr0007

Unsized appears on Ocean of Sound compilation from Unexplained Sounds
Unexplained Sounds Group Dec 2017

Mastakink plus remixes by MTCH, Vlnc Drks, Wolf Asylum
“3 remixes of IDM, glitch, and spastic beat collisions, while the original stands as a crowning achievement” Igloo Mag
Self released on Bandcamp Oct 2017

Black Medicine – 5 track EP “Less glitch, more bass, beats and distortion, this extended player is 5-cuts of a darker breed” Igloo Mag

Track listing:
1. Game Over
2. Protected Space
3. Temple Run
4. Black Medicine
5. 4044_4
Section27 Cat no. [S27-159] June 2017

Chern O – Video/audio collaboration with Cesar Naves
Self released May 2017

Project 2005 Room of Wires remix appears on Hallucino Attics compilation
Section27 Cat no. [S27-162] 2017

Scarce appears on  The 2nd Annual Report compilation
from Unexplained Sounds Group 033 – Dec 2016

Snowbound On appears on Sectioned 006 compilation
Section27 Cat no. [S27-154] 2016

Used as a Runner – 5 track EP
“Taking a step into scorched ambient debris…Next time we get entangled in the Room of Wires, let’s hope it’s with a full-length album!” Igloo Mag

Track listing:
1. Used
2. Scarce
3. Snowbound
4. Input7
5. Back Compression

Section27 Cat no. [S27-152] June 2016

In my Head appears on the KLF Remix Project part one
Recovered and Remastered Feb 2016

Bite Marks appears on Touched 3 compilation
Touched Music  [TM27] 2016

Love Supreme (Room of Wires remix) appears on Bunker Palace Remixed
GodHatesGodRecords GHGR017015 Dec 2015

Fluxx (Room of Wires remix) appears on Black Box N compilation from Kaer’Uiks [KRX001] Dec 2015

Dead Skins – 5 track EP with Radical Eyes bonus track on download
Self released on Bandcamp Nov 2015

Ray of Light – Pentatonik (R. S. Bowring) Room of Wires remix appears on Touched Two (the remixes)
Touched Music Cat no. TM14 June 2015

Overtones appears on Sectioned V5.0 Compilation
Section27 Cat no. [S27-141] April 2015

Isoforms (Room of Wires remix) appears on Iso:Reform compilation by Mitoma
Section27 Cat no. [S27-136] Nov 2014

Walkern appears on Touched Two
Touched Music Cat no. TM09 Nov 2014
All proceeds go to Macmillan Cancer Support

Asylum Sneaker appears on the Dark 3 compilation from Planet X Records
PXRec037VA – Sept 2014

Asylum Sneaker 5 track debut EP on Section27. “This EP will weave it’s way around you, steadily increasing it’s grip, beware.”

Track listing:
1. Asylum Sneaker
2. Train Jacker
3. Overtones
4. Helmand Sky
5. Dead Skins

Section27 Cat no. [S27-134] Aug 2014